Familiar Places

This page is pictures of places that I see often - where I work and live.


This is where I worked, and lived for a while, until 2006-2007.

Clock Tower Place

Main Street from above

A church next to one of the parking lots.

Maynard Flora and Fauna

Queen Anne's Lace. I've always loved this wildflower.

There's a big white duck that seems to be part of the flock of mallards. I always enjoy watching him - I guess because he's different from the rest.

31 Institute

My first (and only!) solo apartment, March 2004 - May 2006.

Welcome to my new apartment! This is the front door (from inside)

First, let me show you into the living room. Notice the french doors with the blinds over them.

Here's the fireplace in the living room.

Now we're in the dining room. Look back into the living room to see the fireplace.

Turn around and you'll see the small bathroom, just off the dining room.

Let's keep going! We'll walk through the hall connecting the dining room and kitchen.

Here's the fridge - I haven't moved food in yet, so it's still unplugged & open.

Next to the fridge is counter space & the stove (electric, unfortunately).

If we keep turning, we see the sink and the rest of the counter space.

Just off the kitchen is the mudroom, and a small back porch.

We'll keep going around - as we enter the main bathroom, we see - the linen closet (it's huge)

And here's the shower...

... and the rest of the bathroom (it's so pink...)

Now we've entered the bedroom, and are looking back at the bathroom.

Sorry, you can't see the view, the shades are closed. The front hall is off to your right.

187 Highland

The view from my apartment for the 2003-2004 school year.

Tennis courts behind my apt.

Tennis courts behind my apt.

Tennis courts behind my apt.